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toronto 2011

We spent the two-week October school holiday in Toronto this year visiting my family (and Cory’s Grandma and cousins). Brilliant! I think this is the first time we’ve had a restful trip with the boys; they’re old enough to be both a bit independent and adjust to the all the changes easily. It was also the first trip with seat-back TVs – which is what the boys have been telling everyone about. Not dinosaurs, the science center, apple-picking, or even bowling but the fact that on Air Canada the seats have TVs. They’re shouting out corporate branding with glee – and no chance of convincing them that other airlines have TVs too “that buh-meh-eye one didn’t Mum!” (sound out the letters phonetically).
But of course we did do all these other things. The apple picking is a huge favourite of mine just because it brings back so many memories or autumn days. I don’t remember getting to go to the more commerical orchards with rope swings, playareas, petting zoos etc though. I think this is one of those cases where “we don’t want to pay for entry” has turned into “we want to show the grandkids a lovely time”. Hmmph. If I wasn’t an adult I’d suspect they like my kids better than they liked me….
There was lots of family time too – spent with toys I remember my brother getting for Christmas. It’s held together with popsicle sticks and some of the players are actually just cardboard, but the boys had a good time and it felt like the home I remember – now that my kids have reached the age that proper childhood incorporates. I’m loving this stage of parenting – the kids still want to be with us but now it’s less of a constant need and just a want. Plus the toys and games are finally cool – Lego, Sorry, Monopoly (with some help counting cash), Carcassone, and new toys like Nano HexBugs (very cool! Except we’ve had one run away somewhere in the house and it’s battery must have died as there’s no scrambling noise… I’ll be careful hoovering for the next month or so).
Saturday was our annual trip to the photo studio – four blond boys identically diressed for my mother’s favourite Christmas present – but we sweetened the deal for the kids with a weekend sleepover at my brother’s house. Duncan, the next morning on the way to watch Carson’s hockey practice, said “I don’t miss Nana and Papa at all, can’t we just stay here?” A house full of kids toys – a cousin who’s turning four – an evening expedition to the bowling alley – what’s not to like. But he was happy to go back to Nana and Papa’s after all.

Who won the bowling? 21 month old Landon – who wandered away half way and got some assistance from the daddies.