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Merry Christmas

The Dear Santa letter was written by Duncan this year, the reindeer dust has been made by the boys and sprinkled by us outside the house tonight (see below), and Santa’s whisky is waiting to be poured. This is a house that’s ready for Christmas.

After nativities (3, with one of these performed twice), Christmas parties, new bunk beds, treasure hunts in the woods, Christmas panto, carol singing, and Christmas cards, the boys are very ready for Santa’s arrival tonight. We’re exhausted, which will hopefully help us sleep and we’re looking forward to a holiday at home (11 days off work! all of us together!) to let us catch up and rest.
This time last year we had an ice rink in the garden, but this year it’s about 5 degrees out and Fraser and I spelt santa’s name in reindeer dust (oatmeal and sparkles) on the pavement rather than decorating the snow. The sparkles do shine in the streetlights so hopefully they will be visible from the sky.