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A homely home

We’ve still have an unwell Fraser, he’s running on empty and alternates between full of energy and collapsing with exhaustion. I think its partially his size, he’s so tiny and he lost weight when he had the flu and then a tummy bug over Christmas. So we are trying to keep the adventures to a minimum and that’s given us a chance to get some jobs done that have been hanging around since the summer – shelves in the kitchen playroom and new cushions in the living room to replace the well worn (squished flat) ones that came with the sofa seven years ago. It feels good to get things done around the house, and always makes us love our own space more (and all on a very small budget). It may be a homely home, but you’d never mistake it for anyone else’s and that’s why we love it…

Winter bike rides and resolutions


This Christmas was spent with sick kids cuddled up on the sofa – nothing scary but a full set of winter bugs over our ten days off. But Duncan and I did sneak out for a 5 mile bike ride to the local pool for a swim and lunch – and going on rides like this with him is amazing. All these new adventures starting to become possible – it’s exactly how we want life to be. But we actually find that we don’t have time on weekends to do these sorts of things because we’re simply too busy – often because I’ve taken on too many volunteer commitments. As new members to the community it’s important to be involved but I think things are out of balance at the moment when I’m spending more time volunteering than doing things with my kids in my two days off. So that’s my New Year’s resolution. – say no and volunteer less, ride my bike more.