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Less than a year after we celebrated Duncan’s first summit, Fraser’s gone and bagged himself one. This time we climbed Bennachie’s Mither Tap (route details here) as the approach is much shorter and Fraser is only three. He was an absolute star and both boys didn’t complain once.
To properly compare this accomplishment, Fraser’s inseam is only 0.44ths of Cory’s and multiplying the elevation gain (398m) by the reciprocal gives an elevation gain of 911m. A pretty big hill, just 3m off a Munro! Anyways, we’re pleased and proud that the boys are taking after mountain goats and had as fabulous a day as we did.

homesick or sick of winter…

I’ve been feeling strangely homesick for Vancouver these days – brought on by watching the Twilight movies and seeing the forest – all the green, the tall trees, remembering sunsets on the beach…

Aside from the fact that it’s embarrassing to admit to any emotional response to the twilight movies, it’s caught me off guard. We’ve been here seven years and I haven’t felt like this for at least the last four of them. But memories of camping trips seem very clear and almost haunting right now.

“Footsteps and children squealing in the distance, echoing through the valley. The smells and sounds of a campfire, and somewhere someone unfolds a tarp.

A car glides past purring while Cory sets up the lantern. The sun is going down and the campground comes to life. Back from the beach, the park, the trails, everyone returns to their tents and trailers to make dinner and huddle into warm clothes for the night.” Alice Lake, 2003.

But perhaps it’s not as much homesickness as winter-sickness – missing green, missing waking up in a tent, missing light. (And even missing snow, we’ve had none this year and I’m oppressed by the neverending brown). The days I work I don’t get any natural light at my desk and it’s dark long before I’m home. And there are sunsets on the beach here too, especially now that the boys are old enough to enjoy them.

Pictures: Top: Porteau Cove, October 2004. Middle: Squamish, June 2004. Bottom: Aviemore, June 2011.

for a niece

she of course deserves a quilt of her own. Not too pink, but definitely not for her older brothers…