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rugby and the pfaff select 4.0


Duncan’s first rugby tournament was today and the P1/P2 team did really well, finishing 3rd out of 8 in their pool. The highlight was getting a medal (of course) and having daddy as a coach. Fraser was a super brother too – hardly complaining about spending over five hours at the side of the pitch watching his brother. Cory’s out for a coach’s beer-and-curry night tonight – they’ve all earned it!


Modelling his rugby team sweatshirt, Fraser’s also wearing his new, just like Daddy’s, pj trousers. And I’m loving my new sewing machine, a Pfaff Select 4.0, that Cory bought me to replace the 30 year old hand-me-down from Cory’s mother that ran on the wrong power supply. I loved the old Pfaff though and wanted something similar to replace it. Most machines on the market are now computerised and honestly that just seems like something that’ll go wrong compared to the 30 year old mechanical machine I’ve happily been using for the past decade. The Pfaff was one of the highest end non-computerised machines we could find, which also meant it was reasonably priced. I wasn’t able to find a review before we picked it out though so I figured it could be useful to post a few comments about it now.

I’m not really a fan of 100s of stiches, embroidery options, alphabets etc so the limited stitches on the 4.0 suit me just fine. There is a dial to control stich width that allows fine adjustments though which I’m already finding handy. The main selling feature for me was the IDT feature – it feeds the fabric at the top as well as the bottom – which allows quilting straight lines without bunching up the back of your quilt. Since free-motion quilting and I have a dangerous history, this should hopefully make things a bit safer. I’m impressed with the tension control too – I’ve sewed various thickness of fabric and it’s adjusted brilliantly each time.

Surprisingly, there’s a couple features missing from this machine that my old Pfaff had, including a bobbin thread sensor which would light up when the bobbin was low. I do miss that feature – it let you know when a good time to stop would be, rather than running out mid-seam. But otherwise I can’t think of anything I’m missing and the machine feels responsive, powerful, and hasn’t mucked up the tension yet. It’s made me love sewing even more and there’s been lots of projects on the go – including stuffed toys, superhero capes, pjs for Cory, and even undies similar to the expensive libery print ones from Brora, at about a tenth of the £22 a pair price they charge. But for finished photo pics, a slightly blurry one of Fraser modelling his new pj bottoms will have to do. I’ve got seven more meters of Liberty Tana Lawn fabric to sew with though so I’m sure there’s a dress or at least a nice shirt in my future. Perhaps the Oolong dress from Colette patterns or a woven top from grainline studio….