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jubilee and the olympic torch

Lots of stuff happening around here! The Queen’s 60th Jubilee meant parties at school and nursery, a wonderful community fair, and a lovely party at a friend’s place (who gamely invited over 100 people to help them celebrate. And then this week we had the Olympic Torch come through the village, which was a brilliant event with the whole village and more turning up to have a mini-celebration on the main road with homemade torches and a musical performance by Duncan’s school. My cynical distaste for the corporate nature of the Olympics didn’t expect much but this actually was special, with the torch bearers coming into the Primary school beforehand to talk to the kids and then returning two days later so the kids could all see and hold an Olympic torch for themselves. It was a good reminder of what the Olympics should be about rather than how much it costs and who’s sponsoring it and I just might be starting to look forward to the Olympics now.

four: happy birthday fraser

I think to you, Fraser, it’s felt like you’ve been three and three quarters for a very long time. Not only have most of your close friends already turned four, but this is the first year you’ve been really aware of time and age and even fractions so your birthday was long awaited. The excitement just made it more special, with even Duncan completely hyped up – more so than he seems to be about his own birthday in ten days.
This has been the year that you’ve amazed us all. Somehow starting nursery school convinced you that you were a big kid because all of a sudden you learned all the letters and most of the combined letter sounds, can count to 100, do simple maths, understands phonics, and are this close to actually reading. Some of this is from playing homework while Duncan does his every night but a bunch of it is just your desire to learn – which I hope doesn’t get worn out of you by peer pressure and the institutional nature of real school. You have another year at nursery though before starting primary one which is a good thing socially and physically. You are still my baby (although you hate it if I say that) and need downtime in the afternoons and cuddles on a regular basis.

It’s also been a tough year physically for you Fraser, I think you was sick from our October trip to Canada all the way through to mid-January and beyond. It took months to get fully recovered to your cheeky self and there was a lot of worry in there for Cory and I. You lost a lot of weight around Christmas, weight you don’t have to lose, and I feel like we’ve spent the past four months on a fatten-Fraser-up programme with mixed success. Even though you are still very underweight, I’m trying to step back and not think about it though as I don’t want to put you off the enjoyment of food and mealtimes. And after numerous doctor’s visits and blood tests you are fine – it was just the exposure to illness at nursery since you have only ever really been at home with me and with Kirsty when I’m working.

And it’s been a good year for you physically too – you can ride a pedal bike confidently (without stabilisers). You figured out the basics last June when Duncan’s old bike was passed to you but since you weren’t big enough to get your feet on the ground, you needed help to start and the only way to stop was to have a controlled fall over to the side (which you gamely did). But around Christmas time you grew and now you’re super fast (in your words) and love the freedom your bike gives you. Cory’s just bought you a couple golf clubs too and you’ve figured out a swing – time for some special daddy-fraser time at the golf course we think! But the thing that you’ve loved best is that you’re old enough to climb mountains! You reached the summit of Bennachie in February and Scolty in March and we’re gearing up for a trip up Clachnaben. They may be small mountains, but mountains they are and I think they make you feel like you’re a superhero. We’re pretty impressed to at your perserverance and ability to keep going when you’re shattered. You’re tough that way and that makes us proud (and reminds me of your dad).

Happy birthday to be most wonderful four year old we can imagine! Lots of love,
Mummy, Daddy, and your best friend and big brother Duncan

Photos from top to bottom: coffees while camping on the Jubilee weekend, birthday excitement, we did have some nice weather in the garden a while ago, and a favourite hiking photo from February.