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six: happy birthday duncan

You’re six! Six sounds significantly older than five somehow, like you’re over the half way mark to ten and time’s speeding up. (Time speeding up is my excuse for posting your birthday message a full month late, sorry love!). This year’s seen you grow up a lot as well, both with the emotional maturity you’ve gained from your first year of primary school and the new skills that have come with that. I’m so excited for you that you can read. I know there’s still a bit of practice to go, but it’s mostly you gaining confidence in yourself as school’s not really pushed your limits (with reading, however they’ve pushed your limits for sitting still!!).

You’ve not changed that much this year though, biking is still your favourite thing and you keep getting better and stronger at it. How long until you ride beside me and push me up the steep hills instead of me pushing you? It’s brilliant that we can go out for a 10 km bike ride now and I really love cheering for our favourites in the Tour de France together (even if we don’t always cheer for the same guy – your loyalty to British riders (Cav, Wiggins, Millar) is rock solid while I pull the Canadian card and cheer for random favourites like Voekler). One of your favourite birthday gifts was your new helmet, a Danny MacAskill style one, to fit with your ambitions to be a stunt biker. Fortunately you don’t have your mother’s balance so this isn’t completely out of reach.

You’re still an introverted dreamer, with a life plan to become an inventor and create all sorts of wonderful things. Your enthusiasm for creating things, whether out of lego or just in your imagination, is one of my favourite parts about you. I think being an inventor, or your back-up plan of a scientist and an engineer, is perfect.

Of course being an inventor isn’t your only plan, you’re going to be a drummer and thanks to a loan from Iain Robertson we now have a snare drum for you to learn on. You know who you want to marry too, and since you picked one of your best friends, it’s a good choice. I’m not sure about your plan to have two sets of twins though – but there’s still a lot of time for you to change your mind.

I love your caring nature, your sensitive connection to others, and the fact that you still want to cuddle and kiss your mum. If you would clean your room, make slightly less noise, and get dressed when I asked you, I think you’d be perfect. And you are one of the perfect parts of our family.

Happy Birthday to our amazing six year old!
We love you,
Mum and Dad.