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Canada 2012

Our night away to celebrate ten fab years of marriage was only possible because we were in Canada and had grandparent babysitters. Previously our trips have been more work than holiday – as much as we’ve loved seeing family, it’s absolutely exhausting to travel with little kids. But this year, our kids didn’t seem so little anymore and while last year was fun and the year before no one was actually sick, this year we actually felt like we were on holiday.

The CN Tower was something we’d always put off doing until the boys were older; because of the cost and the hassle of having to make the trek into the centre of Toronto. But this year we gave it a go and the boys loved it – jumping on the glass floor and delighting in the fear of all the adults around them.

The old turntable at the base of the tower (with a brewery!) was great for the Thomas-obsessed (Duncan) in our household too, although we’d have loved a proper pub with a patio right there. The weather was great, and after a really old Aberdeenshire summer, 20 degrees C felt balmy – T-shirts rather than jumpers are a bit of a treat for us.

We went back to the zoo (with the cousins), the science centre, and a harvest pumpkin festival. Every day was about doing something rather than just walking to the park and visiting Timmy’s for coffee. Not that coffee at Timmy’s is a bad thing …

The highlight was meeting Reese of course, the first girl cousin on either side of the family. Duncan was especially taken and asked if we could take her home with us. I don’t think any of the adults were particularly keen on that though! Four boys and then a lovely wee girl makes for lots of excitement. It’s great to see Duncan get to be the big kid and Fraser was far more able to keep up with Carson this year (who’s only 6 months older). I never had cousins that close to my own age growing up and it’s a lovely thing – especially seeing how close Cory is as an adult to some of his.

And what else did we do while we were there? Well what else can you do? Although even splitting this beer, Cory and I didn’t manage to finish it. The complementary glass looks great as a vase in the kitchen though.

(Also – reading through previous years posts has reminded me that websites are very good for keeping track of my hairstyles through the years – I’m tempted to go short again).