puffDoes anyone else feel pressure to be exciting on the weekend or night that the class stuffed mascot comes home? As much as it’d be fine for Puff the Magic Dragon to have done nothing more than played lego and eaten his tea, we found ourselves taking Puff golfing (where he made an excellent head cover) as well as letting him (and Duncan) sit on a friend’s horse. It made for good pictures in Puff’s journal. Peer pressure starts with the parents I’m afraid…

This was obviously a few weeks ago back when the weather was nice, since then we’ve had nothing but snow – including four more inches this morning which has fortunately melted already. If it was November or December, I’d have been out taking photos of how lovely the village and hills looked but since it’s March, I’m too busy grumping…

One Bitter Lemon

  1. Rochelle Bellchamber says:

    Cute pictures! Keith was happy to see his nephews golfing :) sooo cute!!!

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