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Bike Balmoral


The boys and I rode the 16km Bike Balmoral on Sunday, along with some of their best friends, and I think they all felt pretty proud of themselves at the finish. (The Dads did a great job on their 50km mountain bike ride as well). It’s absolutely amazing having these big kids in our lives who love adventure and are true speed demons on their bikes…

Five: Happy Birthday Fraser!

You’re five now (as you tell everyone regularly). It’s a bit the end of an era really. You start school in August and we’re no longer a family with little ones but a family with kids. Proper kids who get dirty, pick up bugs, ride their mountain bikes, have water fights with all the kids on the street…. there’s no wee little boy left here. We climbed Clachnaben as a family in April with you and your brother biking the approach. On the actual mountain you passed adults and bigger kids without a complaint – then once we were down whizzed back along the trail on your bike at top speed. Cory and I were walking way behind you and I think that’s the sign of times to come – us struggling to keep up with your energy and enthusiasm and speed as you hurtle through life.

Actually that’s not totally true that there’s no sweet wee boy left. Tucked in amidst the biking over jumps and nerf guns is still a lovely boy who loves to be called my angel and likes a good cuddle first thing in the morning. You and I spend a lot of special time together and the fact that you want to cuddle with me when we’re camping makes my heart swell. One of my favourite things this year has been reading The Secret Garden with you and then heading out to the walled garden at Crathes Castle to find our own secret garden spots and looking for the robin.  You’re an absolute delight. I think the next few years are going to be absolutely amazing.

We do forget sometimes that you are still just five and on the small side for your age and ask you to mountain bike all day with us or keep up a busy schedule. You don’t complain though and just do your best until we turn around and find you falling asleep or collapsing with exhaustion. Tenacity is a good word for you – and I’m proud of your attitude when you achieve all these great things, you really are a star.

Things you love:

  • spy kids and playing secret agents (check out the ‘stache – it was a secret agent themed birthday party this year)
  • having friends over to play
  • going out for curry in Aboyne
  • Nanny Kirsty, who you love very much
  • being grown up and five now
  • your Mandeville stuffed toy
  • water gun fights
  • your brother (most of the time)
  • the four of us being all together
  • being outside and mucking about in the garden
  • swimming (and a few years ago I didn’t think I’d ever say that)
  • and most of all…

  • mountain biking, whether at Glentress, Balmoral, or just round the village