Seven: Happy Birthday Duncan!

Seven is cool. It’s being in Beavers, the village swim club, and the rugby club. It’s going into Primary Three and learning times tables. Seven is mountain biking and badminton and board games. It’s chapter books and an interest in the world around you. It’s also sometimes being defiant as you develop your independence, but you’re still a caring boy who has a knack for knowing when I need a cuddle rather than attitude. I love how cool seven-year-old-Duncan is.


You really enjoy learning about things from people, like this photo of you making a wish at the environmental art installation as part of Giants in the Forest up at Drum Castle. It was great seeing how excited you got about the environmental art and how it fired up your imagination. I hope you always keep your desire to learn, to understand, and to figure things out. It’s one of your great traits that make you so cool.

And of course you’re cool when you’re a spy – wearing spy glasses no less!

2 Bitter Lemons

  1. Jen says:

    Seven is an awesome age! xox

  2. Bex says:

    Caring and defiant, a cool combination indeed. And as funky a tash wearer as his brother. Trish, I always love your birthday posts. Bx