Summer adventures


We had an amazing long weekend in Innerleithen, mountain biking four out of five days at Glentress. The boys are now riding the blue trails confidently on the descents, but struggling with their small bikes, small legs, and in Fraser’s case lack of gears, on the ascents. I can see that it won’t be long before I’m the weak link in family mountain biking – I’ve been out for a lesson from a friend and that helped a lot (this another one of those never learn from your spouse things) but I lack confidence when riding over the bigger rocks and its humbling to realise Duncan is (braver? stupider?) better at riding over some things than I am.

Admittedly it was dark within the tree canopy, and the boys now ride fast, but somehow we managed to come home with zero pictures from the trails. In fact, the only photos we have are from the kids at the school play park on my iPhone. Parenting fail? I think we’ve got about an hour of video of everyone riding on the go-pro though.

What is the best way to handle videos? Photos are easy, they work on the web, I make photo books, we could occasionally print them. But what is the best way to catalogue and view videos?

The boys and I also embarked on a project this summer, reprinting a chest of drawers which I loved the shape of but had a rather ugly faux-old paint job. The amazing thing was that the boys were actually a great help. Both of them painted carefully, smoothly, and managed to make less of a mess than I did. These little kids that I have? They’ve turned into big kids overnight. Still, one set of drawers was enough, none of us has caught the restoration bug and we were thrilled to be finished. (Thank you Cory for sanding off the bottoms of the drawers that we’d carefully painted when they didn’t fit back in the frame – we were all sick of the drawers by then!)

2 Bitter Lemons

  1. Anne says:

    Love the chest of drawers!

  2. Jen says:

    Your drawers have quite a personality! Great job!

  3. Jen says:

    Your drawers have quite a personality! Great job!

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