September’s been a month of outdoor adventures, enjoying the warm weather and getting extremely muddy as often as possible. Last weekend I rode the 63km Scotland Cycletta down in Perth, my athletic goal for the year, and we turned it into a mini-holiday and spent the weekend staying in a wigwam on a farm. It’s like warm and dry camping – which was great considering the kids both managed to fall into the small creek surrounding the site numerous times. It was an Enid Blyton type of magical place, with boards and offcuts of wood just sitting there for the kids to build secret dens and paths.


I rode well too, even with high winds and lots of rain, with that feeling you get sometimes that you’re flying rather than your normal pedestrian efforts. And 63 km, or just under 2.5 hours, was enough time for me – I felt like I could ride it well without serious amounts of training that just doesn’t fit in to our lifestyle at the moment.


And then yesterday was that type of day that childhood memories are made of – walking in the woods at Drum castle with friends and watching and waiting while the kids explored and climbed trees. They came home covered in midgy bites, slightly filthy, and utterly happy and exhausted. It feels like how childhood should be, rather than one scheduled activity after another.


Of course there’s a few scheduled activities in there too – the boys had a rugby tournament on Saturday up in Huntly and they had a brilliant day playing micros (tag) rugby and running around playing between matches. Duncan is really be able to contribute to his team this year, scoring and being a part of most plays. This was Fraser’s first tournament so he didn’t get as much time on the field but was generally in the right position and is figuring out what he needs to do. But I think both liked the unofficial scrimmages and wrestling matches off the pitch best. My friend with two older girls describes my boys as just like two little puppies and they do seem that way as they play and roughhouse together (without anyone getting hurt at the tournament – over two hours wrestling for rugby balls didn’t lead to a single injury – it’s not rough play just physical).