holidays and favourite things


There are some things which make me so happy that I can’t imagine life being any better and today was a perfect example. Riding through thick fog, on twisty single track following Duncan is great, and then hearing Fraser giggling with glee as he descends the rooty trail is even better. This is so cool – being able to to go out with the boys on our favourite trails and have adventures together. Cory and I ride the same trails when we’re out together without the kids – the only difference is that we drove to the top rather than riding the long uphill (around 6 miles) from the house.


We’ve just had a fab week away with my parents in Strathtay, near Aberfeldy. Again, lots of hiking, biking, golfing, running, and only one trip to the excellent Aberfeldy GPs to get Fraser’s chin glued/taped back together. I think the lesson learned is that Fraser’s not quite up to riding off the three foot drop at the skatepark yet… (Cory and I were way behind them so we didn’t even see the accident). I can’t believe the weather was as good as it was – April in Scotland isn’t supposed to involve hanging out at the beach in the sunshine – I even got a sunburn.



One Bitter Lemon

  1. Sue says:

    Looks like a wonderful day – and glad to hear you had a great holiday with Nana and Bompa. Looking forward to our turn in October.

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