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8 months and massive – both Duncan and I!

35.5 weeks, 8 months. (Comparison with last time: 35 weeks, 2006)

Duncan’s holding the sleeper he came home from the hospital in. It now seems so teeny, but when he was wearing it, we had to roll the sleeves up so he didn’t drown in fabric. As big as my belly feels these days, our future baby will make our wee man look like a giant.

I also realized why I feel like my belly is so much smaller than everyone elses – posture. To prevent a sore back (which I’ve had on and off), I’ve been working really hard at standing and sitting straight up. Today in front of the mirror I slouched – and watched my belly stick out another 3 inches. I was very tempted to do the same for these pictures, but Cory was tough on me and made me stand reasonably straight, so what you’re seeing should be how I look in person.

Eight months has marked a change in how I’ve felt through this pregnancy. This week we’ve crossed the line into super pregnant (note there’s still imminently pregnant to go). The baby’s head is popping in and out of my pelvis throughout the day so that sometimes when I walk I feel great, and other times I feel like there’s a baby’s head stuck there and my pace slows down to a gentle waddle. Combined with holding a friend’s newborn a few days ago and cleaning out the closet and washing all the newborn clothes, the fact that we’re almost there is sinking in.

seven months and feeling every bit of it.

Seven Months – 31 weeks. (Comparison with last time: 32 weeks, 2006)

This past month seems to have seen a belly explosion (see 6 months) and I’m really feeling it as I drag myself around every day or try to roll whale-like out of bed. I don’t remember it being quite so awkward before, but then last time I wasn’t out of bed 6 times in 20 minutes, tucking an exploring little boy back in to his at 6 in the morning. We’re struggling a bit with the big-boy-bed concept here, as Duncan’s night times have decreased by about an hour now that he can wander around. Maybe 20 months was too early to transfer him – but I’m glad we’re not trying to sort out his sleep right when the new baby arrives.

Counter-Clockwise from top right:
– Mummy you need to show some skin to really show off this belly
– See, just what I told you!
– Hehe! doesn’t mummy look huge!
– She’s massive! (note the hand language)

Now that I’m past 30 weeks I’m back at prenatal yoga too and I’m sooo happy. It’s such a relief to know that one night each week my hips wont hurt and I’ll sleep like I weighed 20 pounds less. I know I could do yoga each night before bed, but most nights it’s hard enough to brush my teeth. I love love love my yoga class and my yoga/midwife instructor. I think I’m even more excited the second time around (2006) because I know how much more I’ll appreciate it as the weeks go on.

I definitely need to get my head around the fact that the 5th of June is rapidly approaching. Last time I was this far along we were already baby shopping, and even though I know we need to pick up things for this new one, I’m just not mentally ready to buy baby stuff. Is it denial? Not that we’re not excited – we’re so happy – but this time we’re going into things with our eyes open.

6 months – I win

month6.JPG 6 months, 27 weeks.

There really can be no doubt now about who’s belly is biggest. Duncan’s decided that the competition is over, so refuses to take his shirt off any more! Last month he might have still had the edge, especially after meals, but I seem to have finally sprouted and am recognizably telly-tubby shaped. Am I really showing more this time around? Looks like it (keeping in mind the above picture is two weeks earlier than the link).


Duncan’s grown very attached to my belly, although I think it has more to do with the allure of an outie-belly button than any concept that there’s his sibling growing inside. I get lots of cuddles while putting him to bed and sometimes with him kicking from the outside and the next one kicking from the inside, I feel well tenderized.

In other none-baby news, we bought a new-ish car today (a 5 year old Ford Focus for people who care about those things) – one that will fit two car seats in the back without both driver and front passenger sitting with their knees up in their chests. I’m so not a car person, but I am pleased that we’re going to have a bit more space and that it’s an automatic, which means I’ll be driving it around town – giving Duncan and I and the new one a chance for far more adventures in the coming months.

The boys are out for a walk now so I’m going to steal 1/2 an hour and de-clutter the house. Hope Cory doesn’t check the recycling/garbage when he gets back….

all sorts of changes


5 months or 23w+2d pregnant

I’ve been telling everyone how much bigger I am this time than last time. Direct comparison suggests that this might be wishful thinking. And all the weight I’ve put on in the past month looks like it’s migrated to my arms – at least this time I know it’s temporary.

A lot of people have asked if this pregnancy is different from last time. While physically it’s different, that’s not the important bit. The difference is that I’m not the same person I was. Having Duncan has made me softer, rubbed down my edges and changed my expectations. In some ways that’s been for the best; I’m more patient, more able to put-up-with-it, and less scared of what’s happening with my body. It’s who I am, a mother rather than an athlete. It’s a relief honestly; not being afraid to lag behind, to be the slowest. Resting while walking to work because I’m dizzy is just that, a rest, not a failure. My self esteem is no longer so entwinned with my abilities on a bike or the speed I can hike up a hill.

No change can be all good though. I’ve been beaten down since I returned to work and the concept of the sticky floor is one that’s very real to me. If I could go back and give advice in the form of a guidance counsellor to the teenager I was, it would be far more pragmatic than the advice I was given. How to balance a career with a family was never mentioned, sexism in the workplace was supposed to be beaten, our generation of girls could be anything we wanted. Except when we were mothers too. Fighting to still be a scientist since Duncan was born has worn me out and left me wiser and sadder.

I’m taking a full year’s maternity leave, or 11.5 months of it, this time. Priorities change, or are changed for us.

p.s. Cory has a new job too. Definitely some changes around here – for the better, but overwhelming when we stop to take a breath.

fulfilling his citizenship requirements


Continuing a strange birthday tradition we decided to go skating on my birthday last month. Duncan spent the whole time focused on staying upright but loved being carted around the ice by Daddy (who’s poor back took a beating). Next year we’ll have to buy him skates… For some reason, taking photos at the rink is strictly not allowed so this is one of the few that we managed to get before being told off by rink staff. And this marks one of the first times in my life when I have deliberately disregarded the rules – how could we not take a picture?


Our 20 week scan was yesterday and we’re thrilled to report that everything’s growing as expected. Here’s baby#2 sucking his/her thumb near the end of the scan. They don’t tell you the gender anymore in Aberdeen, and our excellent sonographer did stay well away from any good views, so this one will be a surprise like their brother was.

We did find out why I’ve felt less movement than expected by 20 weeks – the placenta’s cushioning the blows – and a large foot pushing directly on my bladder explains something else!

the competition continues – by a hair.

4 months (18 weeks)

Remember last month? We speculated that Duncan’s belly would outlast mine for at least another month, but I seem to have closed the gap and it’s now a matter of weeks or days. We had a ton of fun taking these shots and I’m amazed at how much the size of my belly depends on my posture. I still think Duncan has a slight edge on me, but these pictures have made me question my colleague’s assertion that I really don’t look pregnant yet. If not pregnant, then just rather tellytubby-ish again….

From bottom left, in clockwise order:
D: “bump bump bump”
T: “Must stand straight and pull bum in”
T: “A high quality hug – must take pictures more often”
D: “No one wants to see your belly mummy”

taking bets

3 months (14 weeks)

How many weeks until my belly passes Duncan’s? Feel free to browse the old belly shots for comparison purposes.

We hit the 16 week mark yesterday, and with work notified, we can finally spill the news in public – we’re thrilled to be expecting a sibling for Duncan in early June. Two under two – but only for a few weeks… We feel very lucky (knock on wood) and blessed and if this baby turns out anything like the first, we’ll be the luckiest parents in the world.

The belly shot and text comes from an often made observation at our house that after a big meal, Duncan looks about 6 months pregnant. But is it 5 months or 7? (I’m four months in two weeks and I’m still fitting into my postpartum jeans so I’ve got some catching up to do – and Duncan had just had a snack here. Next month we’ll try to catch him right after lunch.)