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norway (bergen) 2007

We finally made it to the continent as a family – after two and a half years of living just next door. The fact that it was a business trip to Norway was kicker – I had to go and it was somewhere that we’d both always wanted to visit. And wow – with perfect weather and Duncan still strollerable – how could we not?


Bergen is an amazing city, nestled in between mountains with tiny streets full of slanting wooden houses. We found a great coffee shop on this street and Cory visited it daily in search of energy (this week was also a great role reversal as it’s the first time Cory’s been on sole parenting duty for multiple days).


I love this fountain – it’s the perfect little boy look of horror!


And just across from it, the view over the lake and up the hillside.


As gorgeous and atmospheric as the city is, the heart is the old waterfront, Bryggen where the wooden warehouses dating back to the Hanseatic League form a warren of wood. They burned down in 1702 but were rebuilt on the same foundations in the same form. Every postcard has the same picture of the front of the buildings (see the link), but I prefer the view from inside, where they show far more character and originality.

There’s a cute gallery here too selling decently affordable art (prints) of distinctly local scenes. We decided to follow Don and Pat’s example (they’ve bought art showing a local landscape from every city they’ve visited – and that’s not a small set) and picked up a lovely print in bold blues. Whether it’ll adorn Duncan’s room or the hall is up for discussion…


One of my colleagues got more excited by some (perhaps more authentic?) other art, found on a building near the fast ferry terminal.


And finally me, excited to bits on Friday that I’d actually have a whole day in Bergen on Saturday with my family. Cory and Duncan did a ton of exploring while I was working and some mornings I was very jealous…
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Jen and Simon’s Wedding

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Amundrud Family 2004

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Nana and Bompa’s 60th

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Northern Ireland

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Scotland :: Cities

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Scotland :: Skye 2002

bridge.JPGChristmas 2002: Isle of Skye

Christmas Day, 2002, in Portree, Isle of Skye. It rained most of the day, in a dreary sort of way, but then, just for an instant, the sun came out and turned the town into colour.

Even the secret location of the leprechaun gold was revealled, clearly stolen by the Bank of Scotland

The boats in the harbour at Portree looked cold and forlorn in the winter weather, and although it felt like every pub in the street should be full of people escaping the cold, everything was closed for the holiday season and rather quiet.

The scenery was amazing, these pictures of the coast difficult to capture in low light, but utterly captivating.
We travelled on tiny roads around the perimeter of the island reaching ruins, fairy bridges, and the notorious ruins of old castles.

Perhaps the most moving was the graveyards, where hundreds of family and clan members had been laid to rest before the depopulation of most of the islands.

These sheep thrilled us, so calmly wandering across the already too narrow roads as Cory drove race-car style and I got felt vaguely car-sick.

We spent one night at a tiny 6 room inn in Stein, the building itself over 400 years old but in better shape than its neighbour. This was the night when we met Neal the vet.
And I drank far too much whiskey and wine leaving me slightly worse for wear the next day.

Skye is beautiful, both traditional and welcoming, and in the off season, empty of tourists except ourselves.

Scotland :: the Highlands 2002

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Scotland :: Speyside

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New Zealand


Lanarch Castle

complete with palm trees

Christmas in Dunedin


Dunedin train station

boat cruise

Otago University

Long Beach

Marty BBQing
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